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Title Loans

Interested in getting a title loan, but not sure how it works? You’ve come to the right place. You can forget all about the hidden fees and uncertainties of paying back your loan. At Southwest Title Loans, approval is simple, money is quickly received, and expectations are set from the moment you first fill out the form. We’ve been providing quick vehicle title loans to happy customers since 2000, and we’d love to walk you through how it works.

  1. 1 Complete the form online or call 623.266.9163
  2. 2 Meet at one of our locations
  3. 3 Get your money
  4. 4 Make your payments
  5. 5 Get your title back
Step 1

Complete the form online or call 623.266.9163

Complete the form

Our form and approval process is simple. You can easily submit your form online and we’ll quickly contact you, or you can choose to give us a call for an even faster approval.

We are the only title loan provider in Arizona equipped with an entire sales team who’s dedicated to answering your calls and questions. If for some reason you aren’t able to get to the phone, you’ll receive a friendly follow up email so that you’re not stressing over a missed call and the opportunity to get the money you need.

Once on the phone, we’ll collect your information and provide a quote for your loan amount, as well as let you know what additional documentation you’ll need in order to process your loan. We don’t sacrifice customer service for speed of service. While many prefer to go over the process thoroughly and answer questions, others like that we can also keep things short and sweet.

Step 2

Meet at one of our locations

Meet At One Of Our Locations

Immediately after receiving your form, one of our team members will securely send your information to your preferred location digitally, which means there’s minimal paperwork, and you’re free to come in to process your loan as soon as you’d like.

Once you arrive at one of our locations, you’ll sit down with a representative and provide any information that wasn’t captured initially, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Employment
  • Desired loan amount
  • Car details
Step 3

Get your money

Get Your Money

In the past, our customers have borrowed as little as $300, and as much as $15,000. Before signing for your accepted loan amount, we’ll explain all of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement including the details of the lien on your vehicle. Once your paperwork is complete and your contract is signed, you’ll receive your money.

Step 4

Make your payments

Make Your Payments

We’ll work together to discuss different loan and payment schedules that will work best for you. When it comes time to make a payment, you can do so from the comfort of your home by choosing to make a payment online.

Step 5

Get your title back

Get Your Title Back

Once your loan is completely paid off, the final step is having the lien released from your title and returning the title to the free and clear status. You’ll continue driving your car like you have been all along. If you enjoyed your experience with Southwest Title Loans, feel free to come visit us again.

Or get started online now.
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